Aggressive Harvester Cannula – 6 Spiral Ports

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Lapromed’s Liposuction Cannula is essential for liposuction procedures or fat harvesting.
The large 3mm diameter 06 Ports in spiral shape facilitates quick and efficient removal of adipose tissue with minimal damage.A Cell Friendly harvester that yields maximum tissue volume in minimal time.
In addition, the cannula is available with different sizes and working lengths depending on surgical preference. You can also choose between Luer-Lock Type connector, Super Luer Lock Type Connector, Threaded Type connector and with Fixed Power Handle as per your surgical needs.

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1.5mm x 10cm, 1.5mm x 12cm, 2.0mm x 10cm, 2.0mm x 15cm, 2.5mm x 15cm, 2.5mm x 20cm, 3.0mm x 15cm, 3.0mm x 20cm, 3.0mm x 25cm, 4.0mm X 25cm, 4.0mm X 30cm, 4.0mm X 35cm, 5.0mm X 30cm

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